It’s easy to feel absolutely helpless in the face of Climate Change, here’s how you can help.

We see a lot of articles and posts in the news (unfortunately not nearly enough) about how bad the climate crisis really is.

A lot of us, like me, feel powerless against it and even more of us are mistakenly contempt with recycling the odd plastic bottle.

Don’t get me wrong, recycling is great! IF you do it correctly (check the labels and rinse). However this is not enough to make a big enough dent in our carbon footprints.

So many people are left wondering what they can do to become carbon neutral, or better yet… Carbon negative!

The Big Picture…

Now, clearly…


A Short, Easy to Understand Introduction to a Collision at the LHC.

Have you ever wondered what actually happens inside a particle collider?

Of course you have!

And I bet you’ve Googled it and found hundreds of hits about some sort of man-made Black Hole?

Or maybe you believe that the Illuminati are using it to create anti-matter, despite Tom Hank’s best efforts… (See Angels and Demons for that reference).

Although this would be an extremely cool (albeit very dangerous), Doctor Who-esque thing to be true. …

In this fast moving, ever growing world of self-driving cars, fake news and chat-bots it is easy to get lost in all the jargon.

So, here I will try to clarify for the general reader what each of these terms mean and where they overlap.

We will start small and work our way up to the big one, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Machine Learning (ML)

The preferred term used by most AI researchers when explaining their work is Machine Learning.


Mostly because it is so damn self-explanatory.

I mean… what is it? It’s when a machine learns something!

See how easy that…

Jamie McGowan

Postgraduate Ph.D student in Theoretical Particle Physics at UCL, London.

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